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With a focus on Asia, we facilitate church planting through training, partnerships, and leader mentorship.

Learn ministry first-hand in Mainland Asia

Global missions training program

"My cross-cultural training with LDI had been the densest 3 months of my life so far. I was closely guided from the application process until my arrival at Bangkok. Expectations were set and had been met (even surpassed) as I began working with LDI's ministry partners.

The practical and classroom training are so intensive, I got a good look of what cross-cultural ministry truly meant. I gained a lot of good connections and am glad to have made new friends who have taught me to embrace the Thai culture - this is a major factor in developing my ministry goals. Through LDI's unconventional approach to ministry I have learned how to be truly culture-sensitive while maintaining my focus on leading people to Jesus Christ.

For those who are looking to sharpen what they have received from the Lord, I would recommend applying to LDI as soon as you can. Sure, there are things you can learn in your comfort zone but there are things you can only learn as you step out of the boat." -Mariela from The Philippines

From the introduction through to the last lesson, we bring you on an intentional path of learning and discovery. We have a step by step approach to train you. This includes both the foundations of ministry as well as the personal dynamics of team ministry.
LDI prepares and coaches pre-field and veteran cross-cultural missionaries and volunteers for service abroad. We do this through a superior training program and on-going mentorship. Refined over years of use, the training material is regularly updated for a rapidly changing world.
Our sessions are designed to “hit the nail on the head”. From visas and culture shock, to church planting and family stress, we seek to minister to you in a fresh and relevant way.Join with the others who from around the world have become part of the LDI family.

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Leadership planning and partnering for global missions projects

LDI provides a path for churches and groups to envision a ministry plan for the new and dynamic Asian landscape. Underpinned and bolstered by a solid Biblical framework, we help facilitate global projects & partnerships with an emphasis on indigenous leadership. Reach out now to start the process of converting passion to action.

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Front-line ministry
program focused on urban Asia

LDI is a partnership program to help workers get plugged-in and serve on the front-lines with accountability and on-going coaching.

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