Challenging Leaders to
Rethink Global Ministry

LDI helps churches, missionaries, and organizations through increased efficiency via collaboration and networking, continuing education for leaders, and missionary encouragement through lasting relationships and mentorship.

LDI ministers to local church leaders by mentoring and connecting leaders to various ministry partnership opportunities. LDI has served pastors, deacons, volunteers and church board members. We seek not only to train but assist along the way for the sending and mobilization of members into the harvest field. While tailored for Asian ministry, we have alumni from North America, Africa, and Asia.Among the various formats for networking and partnership, the Salt & Light Renewal Conference is a great starting point for connecting with either the leaders and or its members. This two-three day (14 hour) mini-conference is hosted at your preferred location (retreat or church area). The conference helps leaders by reviewing the NT foundation for church in a fresh way, develops a case for making missions a key component to the life of the local church, and presents a starting point for churches to be more engaged for long-term ministry. LDI can blend global teaching methods with local perspective so as to deliver the right concept of God’s grace with the right ingredient to the local believers. -C.W. (Thailand) From there, actions steps can be developed in friendly partnership to encourage the congregation in its vision for the Great Commission either locally or abroad.

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