Partnering for Campus Outreach in Asia

Partners, Volunteers

and Interns Needed

LDI is focused on bringing the love of Christ to the university campus.

If you are looking for how you can serve the Lord in Asia, then consider the campus! Whether you are with an existing missions agency and need to be plugged in to an existing framework, or simply exploring next steps in life, consider getting trained and becoming a volunteer in the urban areas of SE Asia. This intentionally designed program connects churches and volunteers in a dynamic way. This project is designed to let cross-culture volunteers connect with students in the university setting with the goal of discipleship and establishing local churches.

LDI is intentionally focused on bringing the love of Christ to the university campus in Asia.  When you join the LDI Engage mission network, you will have opportunities to share God’s love as you engage with students on the campus.

If I volunteer, what would I be doing?

This unique opportunity allows is a guided project with a mentor assigned to teach and encourage you in ministry. As you study the language, experience a new culture, and grow in your relationship with the Lord Jesus, you will be part of a the bigger picture of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the un-reached. In addition to the personal and spiritual growth, you will be investing into eternity. The basic program gives you time to pray for a student group and become directly involved with cross-culture ministry.

Here are some things you could be part of:

– Serving in a community project targeted for College students.
– Bringing the story of Jesus to those who have never heard.
– Language and culture exposure including learning through the sights, sounds, and smells of Asia!
– Fellowship: with other participants and national believers!

What will my experience be like?
While serving the Lord you will be given the opportunity for tremendous personal growth through:

– Living in an urban community
– Personal mentorship from others who have spent years in ministry
– Learning to minister cross-culturally
– Participating in continuing educational opportunities through LDI

Physically arriving to a cross-cultural location is only the start of a missions journey. Learning the language and culture, establishing ministry routines, and seeing new groups started is all part of the process as the Father uses his children to be a channel of blessing. Some of these things only happen through extended time, but you can still be a piece of the larger picture whether you join for a short time or extended ministry duration. LDI provides step by step mentorship for those willing and submitted to be part of a church planting team.

Can I get internship credit?
Possibly. During the application process please note that you are interested in gaining school credit for participation in the Urban Impact internship program. For more information complete an inquiry here.

The extensive efforts for applying practical missions thought and technique combined with the continued research LDI undertakes merits your highest consideration. -Rev D. Haynes, MRE th